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We offer following Value Added Services.


PCB Repaire
We undertake repairing of PCB cards for AVR Panels / Excitation Panels / Chargers etc. of other makes.
PLC/SCADA Development
We offer OEM solution for any process or machine automation job after studying the application. Our Application Engineering and software development team work out cost effective automation solution.


Battery Installation & Commissioning
We offer battery installation & commissioning assistance on turnkey basis. We can supply battery stand wooden type, MS angle type, FRP type & Seismic protection type in required configuration. We undertake complete responsibilities of putting your new battery set in operation as per manufacturers standard practice.


Battery Preventive Maintenance
We offer planned maintenance of any type of battery set. We undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts. Our service include planned battery set health check up, cleaning, voltage-gravity measurement, capacity test, equalizing charging. We also supply our own charger & discharge resistance kit for above job. We bring state of the art instruments for battery health check up & provide all data on soft copy.


Battery Recycling Service
It is mandatory to return old used batteries for environment protection. We are authorized to take buy back of old batteries of any brand. We ensure that batteries go to authorized channel for recycling process as a part of our commitment to cleaner environment.
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