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Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Panel.

We have acquired specialization in manufacturing product due to our long association with generator manufacture. We have developed our own design and electronic circuit for AVR Panel which is robust , simple & reliable.



Operational Features:
Thyristorised control
Good regulation ±1% from no load to full load at 0.8pf
Response time of the order of power cycles, if suitable forcing margins are allowed in the machine. These lowest possible time constants guarantee quick voltage recovery on large load imposition /rejection. Adjustable stability control.
Adjustable Droop control enable parallel operation of machines of different ratings.
Large safety margins allowed on rating of all semi conductor devices and protection against surges.
Silicon devices selected to provide satisfactory operation even at high ambient temperature up to 50ºC.
Terminal voltage of the alternator can be set manually at ±10% of rated value.
High Performance and high reliability is achieved through simple (low components / function ratio) design.
Design offers DC contactor and Field Discharge resistance to ensure very fast discharge of rotor energy to prevent damage in an event of stator fault.
Manually selectable redundant AUTO modes of operation, Thus 100% redundancy is provided in the Electronic Control circuit. 100% redundancy in rectifier bridge can be provided for critical application.
Under frequency roll off circuit to protect against over excitation at low frequency (speed).
Critical raw material is meticulously chosen to give better performance, reliability and long trouble free service.
The AVR can be used on all brush less alternators and alternators with pilot DC exciter.
AVR is designed to cater to thyristor loads up to 30-40%of rated generator load capacity.
AVR unit is capable of running in parallel with other alternator and grid with little modification and adjustments. By adding HT step down transformer, this unit can also be used on HT alternator.
AVR is offered with two Auto modes and one Manual mode. Auto modes are powered with thyristorised rectifier bridge while manual mode is powered with diode rectifier bridge. Specially designed power CTs and Choke circuit ensure reliable operation even during transient load conditions.
AVR unit can have additional features like, Digital AVR, Over excitation current limit, Over voltage cut-off, RKVA upper and lower limits & auto change over features between auto modes possible.
The AVR Panel is suitable for Sugar industries for cogeneration application, mini and micro Hydro stations with added sophistication, small and large DG sets for reliable operation in standby mode.
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