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Plante Battery
Most trusted, reliable, rugged, very low maintenance & low topping up frequency battery for critical application of Power Plants. High discharge performance design. Unique lamellar construction from ultra 99.99% pure lead. No ageing factor as per IEEE. Transparent SAN container for monitoring charge parameters & user friendly maintenance. Proven life of 18-20 years. Available in 2V,16AH to 2250AH capacity. Manufactured as per IS 1652 with latest amendments.
Lead acid tubular battery
Reliable for conventional application like Switchyard etc. Normal & high discharge performance varieties available. Hard rubber/ Polypropylene container. Also available in transparent SAN container for user friendly maintenance. High pressure 'HADI' casting for longer and reliable life. Proven life of 9-10 years. Available in 2V,20Ah to 5000Ah capacity. Manufactured as per IS 1651 with latest amendments.
VRLA battery
Recommended for typical application like Communication, Railway, UPS etc. High discharge Performance design. Lead Calcium Tin alloy for low mater loss & better performance. Available in 2V,80AH to 6000AH capacity. Manufactured as per TEC G/BAT-01/02 MARCH 2000 specification with latest amendments.
Monoblock SMF Battery
Popular for small UPS application, emergency lighting & medical equipment. Wide range from 4AH to 200AH capacity in 6V & 12V module. World renowned Shine-Kobe Technology. Manufactured as per JIS C8702 specification with latest amendments.
Monoblock Tubular Battery
Most rugged, reliable and low maintenance batteries. Various models like EL range, IT range & IR range available for UPS, Inverter & DG Starting application. Wide range from 12V,28AH to 200AH. Guarantee from 24 to 60 months.
Inverter Battery
Wide range to meet every need of Inverter application. Various models like IQ, IK, Inva Flat, ELF etc. available ranging from 12V,39AH to 200AH capacity.
Traction Battery
EXIDE Heat Sealed Traction batteries are mast rugged and reliable batteries for forklift application having very wide variety. Also new Gen X range available having up to 15% additional capacity in same size with longer life and higher reliability. The battery confirm to IEC 60254 standards with latest amendments. Extended 5 years* warranty to ensure complete peace of mind. *conditions apply
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