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Battery TestMaintenance Equipments


Digital Hydrometer
Time Saving
99.999% accurate
Automatic temperature compensation .
Measures specific gravity and temperature of lead acid and Ni-cad batteries .
Data logging & down loading to PC capability.
Data storage in user friendly formats in PC to track health history of each cell.
On Line Battery Diagnostic Tester
The new IBEX is cutting edge digital battery quality diagnostic tester meeting all IEEE standards. It can measure accurately internal impedance (Z),voltage (V), temperature (C), with world’s first ripple removing algorithm during floating charge.
Range : 10Ah ~ 6000Ah max.,0.1 Volt ~ 16.0 Volt DC
  suitable for all types of batteries Voltage : + 0.5 class,
Temperature : + 2 class (-20 ~ + 80C),
Impedance : + 1.0% rgd. + 8dgt., (3milli ohm full-scale) across test range.
IBEX : offers the most comprehensive diagnosis & reporting software package.
Battery Capacity Tester
Tests 24V/48V/120V DC power sources up to 171 Amps
Built-in digital meter with 1% full scale accuracy
Rated for continuous operation, no cool-down period
Master switch instantly applies / removes loads
Operates conveniently & quietly
SBS Hydrogen Gas Detector
Protects against battery charging room explosions.
Protection for property and employees.
Decreases electricity costs as a result of controlled exhaust
fan or air conditioning or heating operation.
Reliable & uninterrupted 24x7 monitoring and control.
Remote Battery Monitoring System
The SBS Battery monitoring system allows users to remotely verify Impedance, voltage, temperature, current and total energy discharged, and gives an up-to-the minute picture of battery back up. Remote access is available by using TCP/IP, Land - line (dial - up modem) cellular or satellite links
Battery Watering Cart
For ease of transfer of battery grade water to scattered battery locations in a plant. Powered & non powered models available. Used with Water Gun for battery filling.
Eye Wash
Portable air pressure operated eyewash with 10 gallon tank or16 gallon gravity feed model available. Combination of shower and eyewash system for permanent mount also available.
Guns for Watering Cart
Watering gun with auto-shut off feature for ease of water topping in battery cells. Direct connection to water deionizer & cart possible for ease of topping up.
Water Deionizer
Ion exchange removes dissolved impurities. The purity is comparable to distilled water. Disposable cartridge makes up to 600 gallons of pure water. Purity light indicator for cartridge replacement.
No - Ox Battery Corrosion Prevention
Various sprays for battery corrosion prevention, battery cleaner, grease, acid detector etc.
Unbreakable Industrial hydrometer
Electronic Constant Current DC Load Testers
RBL Series Load Banks (0-600V and 0-1000 amps)
Ratings from 0-600 volts, 0-1000 Amps, up to 4000 watts in a single unit
Units available in 50V, 100V, 400V or 600V
SBS Battery Racks
Selsmic rated racks for Zone -4. Flexible & easy to mount at site. Black polythlene painted racks for protection.
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